Welcome to my site!

I work with busy families who have kids and/or adults that struggle with ADHD, weight issues, behavior problems, or chronic illnesses (diabetes, autoimmune, etc). I teach them about eating clean by helping them remove toxic food from their diet, without deprivation, so they can achieve peace of mind, clarity, vitality, and healthy aging.

It doesn’t matter if your family consists of just the 2 of you, or you have a family of 10, if you are looking to get your family healthy and off of processed foods, without breaking the bank and in an easy, non-intrusive manner, I can help you!

I’m Cindi Stickle, and I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, and Transformational Clean Eating Coach.

I help people tired of eating processed foods, who want to transition to a clean eating lifestyle, and include their families on this journey.

Using my signature Clean Eating System, I help my clients create the clean eating lifestyle they deserve. By initiating my system, along with transformational coaching to remove obstacles and any other blocks, my clients and their families are empowered as they complete their transition to a clean eating lifestyle, becoming the best versions of themselves.