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16 High Protein Recipes - Clean Eating - Healthy Food - Nutrition

16 High Protein Recipes - Clean Eating - Healthy Food - Nutrition

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Are you eating enough protein? Are you always feeling hungry after eating?

These 16 high protein recipes will help you!!!

There are recipes that take less than 30 minutes, and some that take more than 30 minutes. So whether you are busy or not, you have time to eat healthy!

Recipes include:

Green eggs and ham
Breakfast burrito
Mussels, coconut milk, chili and lime
Coconut curry lentil soup
Chicken stir fry
Courgetti with salmon and pesto
Salmon and sesame noodles
Shakshuka and baked eggs
Tuna, avocado, ginger and lime poke
Chicken and bacon casserole
Beef stifado
Mexican pork birria
Cajun steak with rice and peas
Pork in milk with quinoa
Duck Cassoulet

***You can substitute protein sources (like chicken in place of duck), so don't feel like you have to make these exactly***

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